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Charcoal Packaging and Shipping

Librazain Charcoal Export Nigeria Barbecue Grade Charcoal

Charcoal for Export requires a durable and befitting packages for easy transportation and stocks protection. The impact of packaging on product ACCEPTABILITY and ATTRACTIVENESS can not be over emphasized, thus, we have different packaging and design options: Paper bags, Polypropelyn bags, cartons (laminated, printed or unprinted) among other options are all available. We carefully consider the regulatory requirements of country of destination, to avoid return/reject due to inappropriate labeling, insufficient description on the bags among other reasons. We know the standards, we are veteran exporter of long standing and the go-to company for Charcoal Export in Nigeria.

Charcoal Export Restaurant Grade: 40mm -120mm Charcoal Export BBQ Grade: 20mm-60mm Charcoal Export Industrial Grade : 10mm – Above.

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Export of Charcoal and various agricultural produce.

Librazain Charcoal Export Nigeria

Charcoal Export was our only business for many years before diversifying into other agricultural commodity. We have over two decade of charcoal trading experience, both in local and international charcoal Export from Nigeria.

Our understanding of the Charcoal Export in Nigeria and the Agricultural produce trade generally is a strategic advantage yet unmatched. We have a thorough understanding of the Nigeria rural terrain, with partners stretching from west to Northern part of Nigeria. At every point in time, we have different specification of ready to ship well packaged charcoal for Export.

We outsource our logistics and forwarding responsibilities to proven and competent firms; this allows us to focus solely on producing only the best of charcoal and give you a hitch free charcoal Export business in Nigeria.

Charcoal Export in Nigeria is a complex trade, even in a well-managed supply chain, a product like charcoal can still present a challenge. The weights and appearance of the charcoal is crucial to the consumer’s decision to buy. Charcoal when in bad quality will spark/smoke making outdoor or indoor cooking a bad experience. At the same time, charcoal export specification are in various sizes, types and forms, which makes proper quality control paramount at every stage between farm and shelf.


Export training and consulting.

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We offer Charcoal export Consultimg and Agricultural produce sourcing services in Nigeria. Our focus is to help companies and individual successfully and efficiently export charcoal or other agricultural produce while staying in compliance with international and local Export Regulations, Investment Protection, guide and advise through every of phase of your charcoal and other Agricultural produce Export Trade in Nigeria.

Charcoal Export in Nigeria and Other Agricultural Produce generally is a complex job. Making sure that all the bases are covered is crucial to getting your company off the ground successfully and avoiding expensive charcoal exporting mistakes common to new entrants and even some veteran charcoal exporters in Nigeria. When you import products that have been produced outside many countries, the authorities place a lot of responsibility with regards to product safety and compliance on your shoulders. It is our responsibility to know and guide you in all the legal and other procedures of the trade. We offer Professional Guidance and Advice on Charcoal Export from Nigeria.

We strongly advise Firms or individuals looking to diversify into agro produce export or already in charcoal export or just going into it to talk to us before you taking the next step.


Nigeria charcoal business though a very lucrative and exciting industry is riddled with so many pitfalls and costly mistake. Everybody who had ventured into charcoal export business in Nigeria had lost money at some point in time. There are so many hurdles to cross, from unscrupulous local charcoal dealers to dubious foreign buyers. Fortunately these are all avoidable mistake in charcoal export.

In light of this unfavorable trend, We have established a standard training and re-training program for new entrants into the Nigeria charcoal export business and also existing exporters to sharpen their skills and understand how international market and finances works, how to get foreign buyers and how to talk to them, red flags and deal breakers, how to protect your self against both local and international dealers. Sourcing and identifying the best charcoal, thorough understanding of specification and human management as it relates to charcoal export in Nigeria.

We have paid our dues and have our fair share of losses and lessons, we establish this charcoal export in Nigeria training program so many won’t have to pay to learn simple, basic and advanced lessons with millions of naira. We have a near perfect system for every aspect of export, from local buyers to transporters to foreign buyers, nothing surprises us no more, we have it controlled from the day we put pen to paper with you.

We welcome you to join our fresher’s and masters class on charcoal export in Nigeria. We employ different methodologies like on-site training, live video and you tube channels, materials, physical training and group project of exporting a container from beginning to end to ensure you are more than prepared to face and scale the hurdles associated with the export business in Nigeria. We have turn out competent and expert charcoal exporters who in turn became our reliable partners.

Quality Control And Inspection Of Charcoal And Various Agricultural produce.

Quality Control and Inspection

Charcoal Export in Nigeria is a complex trade; even in a well-managed supply chain, a product like CHARCOAL can still present a challenge. The weights and appearance of the charcoal is crucial to the consumer’s decision to buy. Charcoal when in bad quality will spark/smoke making outdoor or indoor cooking a bad experience. At the same time, charcoal export specification are in various sizes, types and forms, which makes proper quality control paramount at every stage between farm and shelf.

We offer Charcoal Export inspections and testing for your charcoal shipments, to help you ensure quality at every step and avoid rejections by Importers or Buyers. We will monitor the state of your product immediately before bagging, During loading, and on arrival at the port, giving you timely and reliable data to make informed decisions.

Librazain Agricultural Produce inspectors are highly trained specialists, with extensive experience in quality control of Agricultural produce. Our quality control procedures follow detailed protocols, which combine your predesigned specifications, relevant international regulations, designation market requirement. Our sampling processes follow the guidelines of international sampling procedure, adapted to the Nigeria Charcoal export industry to ensure the collected sample is an objective representation of the Inspected Batch.

We use modern technology and online communication to make real time situational reports to our clients, in other to quickly and easily manage scheduling, access reports and gather supply chain intelligence, Through live video, pictures and recording, with a detailed report and systematic evaluation method to determine product compliance with predetermined standard. We show you videos of your product in warehouse, pre-shipment and at every point in time you choose to see how your contractors are doing .We carry out detailed background check on your suppliers or contractors to ascertain their records and integrity. To us, the most important element in charcoal business is the character and integrity of the seller; we have a way of verifying the competence, honesty and transparency of any contractor, this allow us to know how to deal with them. We hold meeting with them on your behalf, with us in the picture, understanding the language of the trade, you can’t get a better insurance.

Charcoal Store
We offer the following checks to ensure appropriate quality, sizes, weight and proper arrangement in container for efficient container space use and safe transportation:

Quality check (heat level, spark test, firestone, mold, moist, etc.).

Weight and diameter check.

Defects check (unburnt woods, package conformity).

Foreign object contamination.

Physio-chemical tests (water tests, olive test).

Background checks on suppliers.

If you talk of the best Charcoal Export Inspectors in Nigeria, We are the best.